Early minutes books of the company indicate that our Goodville Fire Company was formed in the year 1912 and chartered in 1920. They purchased 24 red buckets and formed a bucket brigade. Several homes were destroyed by fire in Terre Hill and this prompted some of the men in our community to form the Goodville Fire Company .
They soon advanced to a 2-wheel chassis and it was stored under Bill Stroman's hardware store. When there was a fire, the pump was pulled by men or else it was loaded onto a truck and taken to the fire. Since they had no fire extinguishers, they mixed acid and soda together causing a small explosion to boost the water up onto the fire.
The first recorded minutes of the organization were of November 21, 1921. The meeting was held at Bill Stroman's hardware store. The officer's were:
President- Wayne W. Stauffer
Vice President- M.O. Singer
Secretary & Treasurer- William S. Stroman
Fire Chief- John P.Witman   
Assistant Fire Chief- Martin R. Weaver
There were a total of 44 members.
Recorded minutes do not show exactly when the company received it's first truck, but Ivan Stauffer was to receive $1.00 a month to look after the engine.
On February 8, 1922, they held a special meeting about the Goodville Union S.S Association who agreed to deed their property over to the Fire Company free of any charge or debt providing that it be stated in writing that the S.S Association  shall have a right to hold S.S. in the firehall. On March 1, 1922, they presented the deed to George C. Witman, Secretary of the Goodville Union S.S. Association to the Fire Company which was gladly accepted.
In April 1922, the organization asked George Good to present the Company with an estimated cost of a new building consisting of concrete block, asbestos shingles, and a roof size of 32 x 64. His report at the next meeting was $4500.00 and they decided to build. The president told George Good to take charge of the building project at once.
On January 3, 1923, the regular meeting was held in the new hall.
In 1923 they agreed to rent the hall for $12.00 / night and the directors posted signs stating "No Smoking and Spitting in the Hall."
The first recorded fire was on February 22, 1922, at the John Swartzentroper's Farm . A large barn was destroyed. The fifteen mile distance was made in 40 minutes. Though on very bad roads, they arrived without a mishap. The fire was caused by a mule upsetting a lighted lantern.
There were 5 fires in 1922.
Minutes show that in June or July of 1923, a parade & dedication ceremony was held for the new Fire Hall.
In June of 1928 they had the burning of the mortgage.
In July of 1929, they held a festival. The profits were $592.85
On May 13, 1931 , they held a special meeting about buying a new engine. They decided to start a fund drive and purchase the engine when 50% of the total was received.
In December 1939, it was moved & seconded to buy a new engine from John Sauder for $2,691.87.
John G. Stauffer bought the old engine for $50.00.
Through the years, many different projects have been used to raise funds for the company, such as Golden Valley Boys, Little Willie and Jimmy Knight, carnivals, ham suppers, spelling bees, auctions, selling chances for turkeys & ducks at christmas, farm sales & block shoots.
Records show that in May of 1947, the fire company purchased it's first siren for $95.00. It was sounded one blast before each meeting, two blasts before each Saturday noon and three blasts for a fire.
In June of 1959, it was decided to buy a Howe Fire Engine mounted on an International Chassis at a cost of less than $9,200.00. The International pumper arrived in January of 1960 and on Janurary 23, 1960, an open house was held for the new truck.
In April of 1963, the fire company purchased the first Squad Truck from B.Z. Mellinger for $470.00.
The first 6,000 gallon tanker was purchased  for $5,800.00
In 1975, a new 3- bay fire hall was built adjacent to the original hall for a cost of $36,000.00.
In May of 1979, a 1978 Mack Custom pumper was purchased at a cost of $80,000.00.
In July of 1983, a 1980 Freightliner Tractor was purchased at a cost of $25,000.00 to replace the original tanker tractor which required a major engine overhaul.
1500 feet of five-inch supply hose was placed into service in June of 1985.
In December of 1985, a new Four Guys Stainless Steel Tanker Trailer was placed into service. The tanker has a total capacity  of 6500 gallons of water.
In 1985, a Quick Response Medical Unit was added, which is housed in the original fire hall.
Our 3- bay fire station houses a 1986 Four Guys Tanker, a 1997 New Lexington / Peterbuilt Heavy Rescue, and a 1991 50 ft. telesquirt.