Some Highlights from station 3-6
258 Spring Grove Road, arson barn fire, Saturday, November 2001.  Pictured is Engine 3-6-1 attacking the west side.
1519 Main Street, house fire caused by child playing with matches, Sunday March 2003.  Pictured is Chief 3-6 and 3-4 sizing damages.
Barn fire save on good Store Rd beside the Goodwill store, assisted by station 3-2, 3-4, 3-9
Pictured is Chief Bryon Gobber and Rescue/EMS Captain Shane Hurst along with engine 3-6-1 in the 2004 make-a-wish convoy
Rescue 3-6 assisted station 3-4 with a MVA w/ entrapment.  Vehicle rolled over several times witnesses stated. 
.Training with Churchtown Fire Co.  June 2004
Training                                April 2004